Toshi Station

Seek and Ye Shall Find
  • Shootout with the pirates went… well? It did end with the pirates ramming the Diminishing Return which barely survived the entanglement. The same can't be said for the pirates.
  • Investigation of the pirate base revealed the existence of the Minimacs a slave race of kobold like creatures that were bound to the Zeddans.
  • Returning the captives to Count Drisco, the Diminishing Return had the tables turned on them. The Count's Father had vanished years ago on an exploration mission. Only recently, had parts of his ship, the Novahammer shown up at local scrap dealers. He also intimated, that if the party were to find and return his father, he would offer 7000 Credits, but might reward them more for proof that his father was dead.
  • Some investigation turned up a possible red market dealer named Rorack in the Bunduki system who may have parts of the Novahammer. 
  • Questioning Rorack lead to a false lead, as he claimed he got his goods from Dwarfstar
  • Dwarfstar, was able to point them to Deputy Governor Tarkin, the real power in the Bunduki privateering racket.
  • After making nice with Gov. Tarkin, and getting him good and drunk, he revield that Count Drisco's father, Ivar Drisco, had been taken prisoner after trying to attack an Imperial Star Destroyer and since then has been working as a slave on the Imperial resort planet of Kaal.
  • A few days travel to Kaal, and the party landed, sending Flip in using his falsified imperial credentials. 
  • In the meantime, Rhea had sent word to both Imperial and Rebel authorities with evedence of what Rorak was up to.
  • Something happened while Flip was in there.  Imperial guards took the rest of the crew into custody, and led them to a secured meeting room where a Flip, with a bandage on his head where the restraining bolt had been attached, sat with his feet on the table, waiting for the party…
Ep 3 - An Old Hope

Got away from Red Fang.

Analyzed the chip

Found forged imperial docs
Message from Bail Organa asking to stop at Alteraan
400 year old star map

Went to Alderaan

Got arrested and taken to Bail Organa
But the Death Star arrived
Bail asked team to please seek out the lost technology, Jumped out of the system, witness Alderaan exploding

Tracked the map to the Zedda system
Found some rogue mercenaries who had been shot down by pirates
Offered salvage of cannon for ride out of system

At Zedda

Red Fang is there looking for them!
Find Count Drisco and spoke with him. He admitted to having the next part of the map, but first the party needs to take care of the Pirates that are stealing Zeddian slaves

The Pirates

The mercenaries were able to give the location of the Pirates, along with the locations of the mines that are placed around it.
A ruse arranged to draw the enemies in did not work, and now it’s a direct dogfight in the asteroid belt.

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